Katherine + David at Robertson Park, Watsons Bay // David’s Best Man, Donnie, had one job – to hold the rings. A quick check a few minutes before we’re due to begin and he realizes that the Bride’s ring (the one with all the pretty diamonds!) is missing. No longer in his pocked it must have fallen out while he and the boys were having a few pre-ceremony photos taken. Donnie turns white.

For anyone who knows Robertson Park at Watsons Bay in Sydney it’s a big-ass park that’s always a hive of activity. I keep our Groom, David, calm and collected while the boys set off in search of the ring. I explain to our Bride, Katherine, that we have a small delay (no need to mention what), all while coming up with Plan B in case they cannot locate the missing ring.

But no need to fear – it’s a miracle, the boys somehow find the missing ring, the ceremony begins and our Bride is totally unaware of what has happened… until I throw Donnie under a bus as he brings forward the rings. Unplanned moments make the best memories.

The lesson for everyone – try and not be like Donnie, perhaps a box or pouch is the better way to hold wedding bands rather than loose in a pocket. But I’m not going to lie – this was one of my favourite ceremony moments that everyone there that day won’t forget in a hurry, especially Mr & Mrs Martin! xx

Images captured by Girl in the White Dress






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