With spring wedding season in full swing I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of some really beautiful weddings over the past few months.


But there’s one slightly worrying trend I’m noticing pop up more often lately (perhaps a reflection of the crazy couples I’ve been working with?) – do bridesmaids really know what they’re meant to be doing on the day?


Don’t get me wrong I’ve been very tempted to pass the microphone down the line mid-ceremony on more than one occasion (as some of the comments I’m hearing off-mic are much funnier than anything I’ve come up with) however it has me thinking what should a bridesmaid actually be doing?


Distract the bride/comic relief/help settle her nerves?
Look good in the photos?
Organize the best hen’s night ever?


It’s not my job to tell you what that is but it is yours as a bridesmaid to ensure you are asking the bride this. Make sure you take steps to understand what her expectations are of you on the day. And then be there, going above and beyond, helping her when perhaps she doesn’t even know she needs help.


So while I’m all for encouraging our bridesmaids to be in the moment and have lots of fun just make sure you are not leaving the bride high and dry. And if I see one more bride struggling to carry/lift her dress on her own as she makes her way to or from a car, that’s it I’m going to intervene – bridesmaids you’ve been warned!


Here’s a great article to perhaps to remind a few bridesmaids-in-waiting of ways they can ensure they are the best bridesmaids ever.


Article: 10 Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever!