With wedding season in full swing I feel like I’ve heard so many different styles of bridal entrance music over the past few months.


Last weekend it was a beautiful acoustic Beatles piece sung by a group of very talented family members that bought most guests (myself included!) to tears.


The weekend before that the beautiful bride entered to the Indiana Jones theme tune (which could not have been more perfect for these two!)


Music plays such an important role in setting the tone for your ceremony yet often it is one of the last pieces of the ceremony to come together. Personally I’d love to see more couples approaching it the other way around and choosing their entrance music earlier in the planning process. Get it right and off the bat not only do you feel awesome but your guests know right away that they are not in for another same-old, same-old wedding ceremony.


So for those couples looking for some musical inspiration here is a list which notes some modern (and in some cases quite unique) takes on a few of the classics. Who knows, perhaps your entrance song is waiting for you to discover on this list.


Article: 15 Modern Wedding Songs: Covers of Classics

(I love #2 in particular, so beautiful)