Jodes + Stu at Salmon Haul Reserve, Cronulla // I’m super excited to be able to share a final image update for 2016, a selection of Jodes + Stu’s ceremony images captured by the amazingly talented and all-round legend, Sam from Samantha Heather Photography​.


Capturing all the right angles of this somewhat genetically blessed pair, before the ceremony even began we all breathed a huge sigh of relief when we were able to get the boys on the party boat moored directly behind us to turn down their duff duff music (thank you to the good samaritan beach-goer who swam out to the boat on our behalf and asked them to turn down their tunes).


Party boats aside, you can’t help but smile when you look back on these beautiful images and see the pure joy and excitement that Stu + Jodes are showing at becoming husband and wife. This is how ceremonies should be!


It was awesome getting to know these two dead-set legends and wishing them all the very best for their wonderful future together.


Jodes + Stu_1

Jodes + Stu_2

Jodes + Stu_3

Jodes + Stu_4

Jodes + Stu_5

Jodes + Stu_6

Jodes + Stu_7

Jodes + Stu_8