I recently met with a couple that were after ideas on ways they could incorporate their pet cat into their ceremony (think cat – singular, not 20+ crazy cat lady style from The Simpsons).


I’ve seen the odd dog pop up in a ceremony before but a cat. It got me thinking could any pet potentially play a role in your big day?


Pets play a hugely important role in families today, some more so than kids (some in place of kids – pets are generally a lot more obedient to start with!) And why should they miss out on all the fun that comes with a wedding.


The team at BuzzFeed has put together an article with some really unique ways you could include your furry, scaly, fluffy and feathery friends. Hmmm I’m not so sure about a kitten bouquet (I’m thinking of the crazy cat lady again…) or carrying a chicken down the aisle but hey each to their own!


29 Perfectly Adorable Ways To Include Your Pet In Your Wedding